At ESPECIALLY JEWELRY you will be greeted and assisted by people that care about your individual needs, which might include anything from a simple watch battery replacement to a golden-anniversary gift. You will never be pressured to buy. It is our pleasure to educate and serve!  (See below for staff info) 

Jon Romero, Joyce Langston, Robin Cook, Julie Cook, Del Cook

Jon Romero, Joyce Langston, Robin Cook, Julie Cook, Del Cook


Del and Julie Cook, Owners

Del Cook, Graduate Gemologist (GIA), Registered Jeweler and Certified Gemologist (AGS)

Del began his fine jewelry career in 1978 at Zale's Jewelers. He joined the J.C. Penney Company one year later. After concluding a successful career of fourteen years of sales and award-winning management, he ventured into the manufacturing branch of the trade. While serving customers in that capacity, he became acquainted with the unique challenges (and blessings) of independently-owned store operations. It became obvious to him that store ownership, (though never considered before), would be the course that he and Julie should follow.  After starting out part-time, by appointment, meeting customers at banks, work-places, restaurants -- you name it...."The Little Repair Shop" became known as ESPECIALLY JEWELRY. In July of 1998, the store opened its doors to the public. 

          We give GOD all of the praise for the amazing success and favor we have received.   


Julie Cook, Accredited Jewelry Professional (GIA)

Julie has worked side-by-side with Del since the "beginning" and has served thousands of clients with caring, professional courtesy. She is like the "glue" that helps hold things together! Julie is active in sales consultation, repair and restoration evaluation, and administration. Assisting our clients in the creation and design of family jewelry and Mother's rings are among her favorite activities in the store. Marketing and charitable functions are also handled by Julie.    


Joyce Langston, Professional Sales Consultant

Joyce joined our team in 2010, and she has been a wonderful blessing to us all!  After twenty-plus years of fine and fashion jewelry experience, most recently at Nordstrom, she decided to return to the single-store fine jewelry environment she prefers.  Joyce's many clients trust the very keen senses of style and fashion she has acquired through many years of professional consultation. Is there a special piece you are in need of -- or want -- 'just because'? Joyce would love to help!  Her caring, kindly assistance will be a real delight to you! 


Jon Romero, Bench Jeweler/Diamond Setter

Affectionately known as "Jono", our beloved jeweler has been a hero time and time again!  2019 is Jon's eleventh year at ESPECIALLY JEWELRY. He is always ready to attempt most any task (including some deemed impossible!). Jon strives to provide excellence in every aspect of our repair shop work, whether it be ring sizing, general and specialized repair, or diamond setting. He has been trained in the art of hand-fabrication, goldsmithing, and advanced stone setting techniques.  Most importantly, though....he is an all-around terrific guy!