Mike & Donna

by Del Cook

We're celebrating the season of "Sunshine" in our marriage

Most couples seem to commemorate anniversaries when the number of years reflects another decade or half decade. “This year was the 32nd anniversary of our wedding and it held much significance for my husband, Mike, and I. This year was highlighted with the changes and challenges of the "empty nest"… redefining and strengthening our relationship.” Mike and Donna agreed to read together and discuss the Christian-based book entitled The Four Seasons Of Marriage. “It was an inspirational and rewarding experience, helping us understand and embrace our new circumstances. As outlined in the book, summer represents the happiest, most harmonious season of marriage.”

“With our upcoming anniversary, Mike decided to have a “sun” ring designed to represent the summer season of our marriage.” On June 25, 2015 Mike and Donna renewed their wedding vows on the gorgeous Fan Shell Beach in Pebble Beach, California. “As part of the ceremony, Mike placed the “sun” ring on my finger while the minister explained the special meaning it had to us.”

"Our heart-felt intent is to keep our marriage in this most wonderful of seasons. This special ring is our beautiful reminder. All the praise and glory for our loving marriage goes to God who is, after all, the Greatest Lover of Relationships."

“Thank you, Del and Julie of Especially Jewelry, for helping to design and create my beautiful "sun" anniversary ring.” Donna



by Del Cook

The tiger exhibit at the Kansas City ZOO seemed  liked the perfect place to propose...

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They say that the best relationships start as great friendships...Buddy and Michaela met at work and were good friends for about two years. As Cupid would have it, Buddy started to see Michaela as more than just a friend and they began dating. Their first date was at the Kansas City Zoo. Buddy asked Michaela to be his girlfriend while riding on the sky lift. The tiger exhibit was new to the zoo and it was their favorite place. 

It didn’t take long for them to realize that they were meant to be together, so naturally they started ring shopping. The first stores they tried were at the mall. "The people were nice enough, but you could tell they were just trying to make the sale. Then we went to Especially Jewelry, where Buddy’s parents have been going for many years. All the staff is wonderful and they don’t view customers as just dollar signs. They are very personable and they worked with us to find the perfect ring while keeping our budget constraints in mind."   Michaela

One year and a day later to be exact, Buddy took Michaela back to the zoo. This time they went to view the keeper chat at the tiger exhibit. As the zookeeper talked, three other staff members brought three white barrels into the exhibit. They turned the barrels over and written on them were: ‘Michaela, will you marry me?’ The first barrel Michaela saw was the ‘marry me’ barrel and she thought, ‘Oh, cool, someone is getting proposed to!’

When she saw the barrel with her name on it being turned to view, she then turned to Buddy and he was on one knee. It felt like a ‘Happily ever after’ scene straight out of a movie!

"We will always shop at Especially Jewelry. The atmosphere in that store is wonderful and romantic. As soon as we walk through the door they offer to clean our rings. Del and Julie are awesome and we are so thankful that we went to them!"                                                

                                                                          Buddy and Michaela