by Del Cook

The month of MAY is packed with special occasions and celebrations....MOTHER'S DAY, GRADUATION CEREMONIES, ANNIVERSARIES, ENGAGEMENTS and other milestones. It's now, (unbelievably!) the third week of the month, and we've had a wonderful time taking part in many of these celebrations.

Here are two that I'm going to share with you....

Picture in your mind: it's the SATURDAY before MOTHER'S DAY, and a Dad, accompanied by his son, about age ten, come in to select a special keepsake for MOM. After careful contemplation a silver Rembrandt charm was selected, which she would have us attach to her charm bracelet after she received her gift. The charm read: "I LOVE YOU". The father and son made their way to the counter to pay and to have their gift boxed and wrapped. The boy reaches into his pocket to begin pulling out dollar bills that he's been saving. This moment, on among the most busy of days, was such a blessing to us all. You see, it's not about the amount of money spent on the gift, but the thought; the meaning behind it.  The sheer joy and satisfaction on the boy's face said it all.  Our faces were all brighter that day because of this experience.  Now, on to the next special story....

The phone rings and it's a client from out of state. He's seeking an engagement ring.  After he explains the description of the diamond and the ring that his fiance' would love to be given, we explore the possibilities. From the start of the conversation, we make it clear that the immense level of trust that he has shown us means more than words can tell. (He was calling us from a large metro area, where many reputable jewelers operate.) After the diamond was chosen, we set the process in motion to complete the ring setting. The ring was absolutely beautiful (an understatement!) -- just as pictured in our friend's dreams.  This was infinitely more than just a 'transaction'!   We are honored to assist you with any piece of fine jewelry, whether it be a twenty-dollar silver charm, or a diamond ring. Thank you for allowing us this great privilege.

Diamond wishes and God's blessings,  Del