Time for a (COOL) change....

by Del Cook

Hi Friends!

In the weeks ahead, you will be seeing some very exciting CHANGES to our assortment of jewelry. For quite some time we have been pondering various possibilities, and lately we have been experimenting with some new processes. Many of you have told us over the years that the pieces that WE MAKE (or assemble/set) here IN-STORE MEAN MUCH MORE to you than any "designer" or "brand" of jewelry. We are listening!!  It is a DELIGHT to be the jewelers that provide unique and cherished treasures for you to enjoy. "As we speak", plans are being made to begin designing and producing some very lovely pieces, using various metals, gemstones, textures, and techniques. Some will be "one of a kind"! Just last week we completed a hand-forged bracelet which was set with a south-sea ornamental cultured pearl and diamonds. It was in the showcase two days! We realize that this is an "out of the sandbox" approach, and we LOVE IT!!! There is SO MUCH 'STUFF' out there, (jewelry and otherwise), and SO MUCH of it is poorly made.  NOTE--- We are not referring to TRULY CLASSIC FINE JEWELRY....WE LOVE THAT, BELIEVE IN IT, and WILL ALWAYS PROVIDE THAT STYLE OF JEWELRY. Solitaires, stud earrings, hoop earrings, tennis bracelets; yes indeed! What's more, the QUALITY and VALUE that we have always been known to provide will be infused into the NEW and EXCITING pieces that we are making here in the shop.  

So....be watching for some really FUN, GORGEOUS, ARTISTIC, and AFFORDABLE jewels to be shown here soon!  ......For now, though, gotta' get back to the shop!!  Hope to see you soon!  God bless, Del